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Founded in Chicago in 1946 as a military and truck parts facility, Midwest Truck and Auto Parts is accelerating into the future as your go-to source for the best quality replacement and aftermarket truck parts. Today, Midwest stocks superior new and aftermarket heavy truck and light truck parts. We are an ISO-certified company dedicated to the quality of our products. Our sales team undergoes continuous training in order to bring you the best quality service. Our goal is to have the quality product you need in your hands 48 hours after you place your order. Midwest Truck and Auto is your source for the best products for the best value.

With four locations built to move our products to our customers faster, Midwest Truck and Auto Parts is the name you can trust to deliver the quality aftermarket or replacement truck part you need into your hands within 48 hours. Looking for something in particular? Give our expert customer service staff a call today! Toll Free 800-934-2727

Our relentless commitment to innovation and quality is what drives Midwest to continually improve the quality of our aftermarket truck parts above industry standards. At Midwest, our top-notch team engineers and supplies a diverse and comprehensive list of aftermarket products. When you’re looking for the best quality heavy truck, light truck, off-road, high performance, and racecar aftermarket parts, look no further than Midwest. Take a minute to browse our new, easy-order catalogs!

With 70 years of experience, Midwest Truck and Auto Parts knows what it takes to produce the highest quality parts available. “Committed to quality” and “continual improvement,” two of the cornerstones of our missions. Nothing demonstrates our commitment more than the programs we’ve implemented over the last five years.

Quality Assurance Lab and Design Center

In 2007, Midwest Truck unveiled our unprecedented Quality Assurance Lab and Design Center. With a substantial capital investment, over 1,200 square feet of space and five dedicated employees including two engineers and an industry leading design team; the lab is unparalleled in the automotive aftermarket. The lab boasts seven state-of-the-art testing machines including a Gleason Sigma Gear Measuring Machine, a Mitutoyo USA Hardness Tester, and a Mitutoyo USA Optical Comparator.

In addition to taking Motive Gear to ISO Certification, the Quality Assurance Lab & Design Center will provide Motive Gear customers quality and consistency that is simply unavailable from any other aftermarket drive train company.

In 2010, Midwest Truck and Auto Parts marked yet another milestone in our commitment to quality by achieving ISO Certification.

Many companies today claim to have global distribution networks but few can back up those claims like Midwest Truck and Auto Parts. With four strategic warehouses in North America, no one else compares. We have a team of professionals trained in the intricacies of export documentation allowing for swift customs clearance and smooth shipment. From full-container load shipments to LCL shipments to courier parcels, Midwest Truck has the expertise giving you have one less thing to worry about.

At Midwest Truck & Auto Parts, “global reach” means much more than just dependable worldwide delivery. Our purchasing team travels the world to ensure we only source the highest quality parts from the most dependable factories from Asia and Europe. While our engineers visit the factories to verify capability and capacity, our buyers work with management to establish long-term partnerships. All of these efforts work seamlessly together to provide our customers with the consistent quality and supply they expect from Midwest Truck and Auto Parts.

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Give our knowledgeable customer service staff a call today! Toll Free 1-800-934-2727.